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Ministry of Energy

About the administration

The Mission of Ministry of Energy is to lead transparent energy policy to protect the state and the public interest. Our work aims at recognition of market values in the energy sector and ensuring of the energy independence of the country.

Duties and responsibilities

Some of the main capabilities of the Ministry of Energy include:

  • Achieving of economically effective and secure delivery of electricity, meeting the requirements for environment protection;
  • Turning Bulgaria into energy independent and competitive country;
  • Protection of customers’ interests by providing of equal access, transparent procedures and economically founded prices;
  • Effective management of mineral resources to defend the national interests;
  • Active participation of the country in construction of unified and stable European energy market;
  • Refinement of the energy infrastructure;
  • Improving of energy efficiency and reducing of greenhouse emissions in accordance with the priorities of "Europe 2020" strategy;
  • Development of nuclear energy in accordance with contemporary requirements for reliability, safety and efficiency.


8, Triaditsa Str.

tel.: (02) 926 31 52
fax: (02) 980 76 30

e-mail: e-energy@me.government.bg



Last update: 30.11.2015