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Municipality Peshtera

About the administration

The Municipality is the main administrative-territorial unit for local self-government, which is exercised through the Municipal Councils.

Component administrative-territorial units in the municipalities are the mayoralties. The executive authority is the Mayor of the municipality, and in the mayoralty – the mayor of the mayoralty.

The citizens of the municipality elect municipal council and municipal mayors, and in the mayoralties they elect mayors of mayoralties. 

Duties and responsibilities

Local self-government shall be expressed in the right and actual opportunity of citizens and their elective bodies to resolve on their own all issues of local importance that the law has empowered them to resolve in the fields of:

•    municipal properties, municipal enterprises, municipal finance, taxes and fees, and the municipal administration;
•    the planning and development of the territory of the municipality and the settlements therein;
•    education;
•    health;
•    culture;
•    public works and utilities;
•    social welfare services;
•    the protection of the environment and the reasonable use of natural resources;
•    the maintenance and conservation of cultural, historical and architectural monuments;
•    the development of sports, recreation and tourism.

The Mayor of the Municipality:

The mayor of the municipality manages the entire executive activities of the municipality, and is responsible for: 

•    keeping of public order;
•    implementation of the municipal budget;
•    implementation of long-term programmes;
•    implementation of the acts of the Municipal Council;
•    authorizes and approves territorial planning of the Municipality and organizes its execution;
•    performs the functions of civil registrar;
•    organises the performance of tasks deriving from Acts of Parliament, decrees of the President of the Republic, and of the Council of Ministers

Exercising his powers, the mayor of the municipality issues ordinances.
The acts of the municipal mayor may be contested under an administrative procedure before the Regional Governor.

The Municipal Council may repeal administrative acts issued by the mayor of the municipality.

Citizens shall participate in the government of the municipalities either through their elective bodies or directly by means of a referendum or a general assembly of the local community.


17, "Doyranska epopeya" Str.

Central switchboard:
tel.:  (0350) 622 01; (0350) 622 03
fax: (0350) 641 65


e-mail: mayor@peshtera.bg


Last update: 17.11.2015