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Authorisation for use of simplified procedures for goods carried by sea

Service description

The simplified procedure for transport of goods by sea, allows you to use the goods manifest as transit declaration.



Customs Agency issues authorisation if you meet the following conditions:


  • to be established in the Community;
  • to use regularly Community transit procedure; or the Customs authorities must be aware that you are able to perform your obligations under this procedure;
  • absence of serious or repeated infringements of the customs or tax legislation;
  • to keep records, allowing appropriate customs control;

What do I need to prepare?

To use this service you need to file the following documents:


  1. Application form.

  2. Certificates for authorized economic operator and/ or authorizations to use other simplified procedures.

  3. Certificate from the National Revenue Agency for absence of tax debts.

  4. Certificate issued by the Ministry of Transport.


* In case the application is not filed personally by you; you will need notarized power of attorney.

How to request the service?

1. Apply online

To request the service you must have qualified electronic signature and registration in the portal for electronic services of Customs Agency.


At the administrative service desk

You can file the application form personally, or through authorized person at the administration of National Customs Agency, Sofia 1202, 47 G.S. Rakovski St


Working time: from 09:00 am to 05:30 pm – on work days, without intermission

How to get the results?

You will receive the service result as follows:


  • electronically – at your email or through the portal for electronic services of Customs Agency;
  • at the National Customs Agency;
  • through postal courier services, to your correspondence address; through postal courier services, to other address;


Fees, terms and conditions

Terms: You will receive the result within 3 months after filing the application.


Fee: The service is free of charge

Additional service information

Who provides the service?

Who issues the certificate?

Customs Agency Director
Who can provide detailed information about the service?

Administrative Unit:

Department: National Customs Agency, Customs Regimes and Procedures Directorate
Last updated: 12.11.2015