National Assembly of the Republic of Bulgaria

About the administration

National Assembly of the Republic of Bulgaria is a state body that exercises the legislative power in the country.

Duties and responsibilities

In the Republic of Bulgaria National Assembly is the supreme representative body of government that expresses the will of the people and its sovereignty. It consists of 240 members, and the Grand National Assembly of 400 representatives elected on the basis of universal, equal and direct suffrage by secret ballot for a period of 4 years from its members it elects the President, Vice-President, permanent and temporary committees .

National Assembly adopts, amends, supplements and repeals laws, adopts the state budget, establish the taxes and their size, schedule the elections for president of the republic, adopt a decision to hold a national referendum, elect and dismiss the Prime Minister and his suggestion. National Assembly ratifies and denounces those provided for in the Constitution of the Republic of Bulgaria international treaties.


2, National Assembly Sq. (Main building)

Central switchboard:

tel: (02) 939 39
fax: (02) 981 31 31


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