Business and entrepreneurs

Banks, financial and investment services
Custody services, securities, investments, assets..
Taxes and insurance payments
Declarations, transcripts, certifications. Repayment of obligations ...
Production, energy resources, efficiency..
Health and Health Insurance
References, procedures and services, related to the health-insurance status ...
Investment projects and Concessions
Private and public state property, real property ..
Customs procedures and permits. Import, export, forwarding
Declaration of goods, excise ...
Insolvency and liquidation
Certified duplicate, certificate for liquidation procedure, insolvency ..
Patents and copyrights
Patent tax, management of copyrights and related rights ..
Production and commerce
Registration of facilities, regulatory and certification services, permits and licenses...
Liberal professions and crafts. Self-insured persons
Registration, patents, licenses. Taxes and insurances for declaration and payment..
Construction and commissioning
Registration of construction, property, construction line, validity ..
Tourism, hotel and restaurant management
Categorization of sites, regulation and tour operator activities ...
Certification and information services for the business
Current status certificate, registrations, publications, transcripts...
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