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Issuance of certificate under Art. 54(3) of the Law on Cadastre and Property Register

Service description

You will be issued certificate for changes in cadastral map and registers, in relation with:

  • partition or consolidation of real properties;
  • partition of real properties resulting from change of boundaries of the administrative-territorial units, land boundaries, boundaries of territories with identical  permanent use;
  • partition of real property upon change of the permanent use of some part of the property;
  • elimination of incompleteness and errors.

The certificate is issued by the Directorate for National Construction Supervision for issuance of permit to use the respective building or new construction.

What do I need to prepare?

To use this service you need to file the following documents:


1. Application form.

2. Data from the geodetic survey and on the qualified surveyor:

  • short explanatory note;
  • document providing baseline data and points from the working geodetic base;
  • field measurements, calculations and coordinate list of source and detailed points;
  • sketch of the marked points from the working geodetic base and shot boundaries, buildings and equipment.

3. Copy of the visa for design.

4. Copy of the building permit or legalising certificate.

5. Copy of the executive documentation of buildings (architectural section), facilities or underground ducts.

6. Act form 14 for completed rough construction.

7. Sketch of draft amendments to the cadastral map - in digital and graphical form.

8. Floor plan for new or changed individual units.

9. Title deed or other real rights to the property.

10. Document for paid fee.


In case you are not the owner of the property, you will need notarized power of attorney. 

How to request the service?

1. Apply online

To request the service you must have registration in the Mapping and Administrative Information System (KAIS) and/or qualified electronic signature.

At the administrative service desk

Please, file the application form and the other documents personally, or through authorized person, at the Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre Office according to the location of the real property.


You can find contact details of the territorial structures of the Agency and their working time on the .

How to get the results?

  • On site at the desk of the administrative services at the territorial department of Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre Office.
  • Through courier service paid by the applicant.

If you have selected authentication through login in the KAIS portal, with a username and password, you may receive the result ONLY at service desk.

Fees, terms and conditions

Performance term:

  • Regular Service: 3 working days.
  • Rush Service: 1 working day.
  • Express Service: 4 hours.


  • Regular Service: 10.00 BGN for one point.
  • Rush Service: 15.00 BGN for one point.
  • Express Service: 30.00 BGN for one point. 

Additional service information

Who provides the service?

Who issues the certificate?

Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre Agency
Who can provide detailed information about the service?

Administrative Unit:

Department: Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre Office
Last updated: 29.11.2015