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Performance of scientific and laboratory studies and preparation of expert opinions

Service description

Customs Agency provides expert opinion, when laboratory tests for analysis or identification is needed for the following goods:


  • excise goods;
  • goods subject to the measures of the Common Agricultural Policy and the Common Fisheries Policy of the European Union;
  • goods, which must be classified according to the Combined Nomenclature of the European Union;
  • goods subject to special measures, including non-tariff goods, according to the valid legislation;


The tests are performed at the Central Customs Laboratory, Customs Laboratory Ruse, Customs Laboratory Plovdiv.


Who is it intended for?

Customs Agency provides the service to physical persons and legal entities, incl. other state authorities.


What do I need to prepare?

To use this service you need to file application form.


* In case the application form is not filed personally by you; you will need notarized power of attorney.

How to request the service?

1. Apply online

To request the service you must have qualified electronic signature and registration in the portal for electronic services of Customs Agency.


At the administrative service desk

To use this service you must file application form directly at the laboratory, and not in the administration of the Customs Directorate. You can file the application either personally, or through authorized person.


File the analysis request, together with the samples, which need to be tested, at the Customs laboratory, which will perform the tests, respectively:


Central Customs Laboratory

1202 Sofia

47 G.S. Rakovski St

phone (02) 9859 4160, fax: (02) 9859 4152



Customs Laboratory Plovdiv

4004 Plovdiv

32 Kuklensko Shose Blvd

 phone (032) 606 233, fax: (032) 606 294


Customs Laboratory Ruse

7006 Ruse

10 Baykal St

phone (082) 844 778, fax: (082) 841 307


Working time: The laboratory works without intermission from 09:00 am to 05:30 pm, on work days.


After you file the request it will be examined, in order to coordinate your requirements and the capacity of the laboratory to meet them.


If the laboratory does not have the capacity to meet your requirements, you will be informed that the request for analysis is not accepted.



How to get the results?

You will receive the test results in a Protocol for laboratory analysis, after payment, as follows:


  • electronically – to your email address, or through the portal for electronic services of Customs Agency;
  • personally, at the administrative service desk. The results shall not be provided to third parties, unless agreed otherwise.
  • through postal courier services, to your correspondence address;
  • through postal courier services, to other address;

Fees, terms and conditions



  • The term will be preliminary agreed depending on the specifics of your request and the capacity of the laboratory.
  • You can request express service (provided for 8 working hours). The option for express service depends on the capacity of the laboratory.



  • The fee, which you need to pay, is calculated based on the tests performed, and according to the Fees Tariff of the Customs Agency.
  • The fee you need to pay for express service is doubled.





Additional service information

Who provides the service?

Who issues the certificate?

Customs Agency Director
Who can provide detailed information about the service?

Administrative Unit:

Department: National Customs Agency/ Customs Agency Plovdiv/ Customs Agency Ruse
Last updated: 12.11.2015